NASSLI LED Factory Started in 2010.

Our Target to Provide High quality LED lighting products, Keep developing and introducing new products based on the fast improving LED technology. LED Lighting  still  in the initial stages and  no international Standards to organize this new industry. We started developing our own procedures  and standards to be able to built high quality  LED Lighting product.

During the first 3 years we tested too many products and communicate with too many LED raw materials suppliers and invented our own standards and procedures.  At the begging of 2013 we launch our Spot light with (3 levels) which has been very successful comparing with the biggest famous brands (BULLMANN from Germany, GE (china), OSRAM (China), Philips (China), Toshiba) the result was exceeding our expectation,

More product had been developed  & launched after that  like (downright, LED tube, bulb)